Schedule of working girls at Annabella's Escorts Milton Keynes. British, European and International Escorts In Buckinghamshire The Midlands

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Annabella's Escorts Milton Keynes - Schedule Of Work

We are located..... Central Milton Keynes, MK9. 01908234646 or 07760768307

Please note Annabella's Escorts makes every effort to ensure the rotas are accurate but can not be held accountable for last minute changes due to sickness, family problems or the numerous other reasons cited by our courtesans for cancelling.

Week beginning: Monday 24th April

MONDAY Kim, Kirsty, Elizabeth, Sophia, Serena, Alana, Summer, Veronica, Blake, Carla, Maddie, Angel, Amira
TUESDAY Kim, Roxanna, Chanelle, Ruby, Nadia, Danielle, Dahlia, (11/3),Alana, Gemma, Maddie, (11/3),Kirsty, Melina
WEDNESDAY Belle, Valentina, Adrienne, Kim, Claire, (11/3),Lottie, Serena, Nadia, Dahlia, Summer, Maddie, (11/3),Angel
THURSDAY Ella, Lilly, Roxanna, Kim, Melina, Elizabeth, Michelle, Yana, Blake, Maddie, (11/3),Tina
FRIDAY Kaya, Claire, Amira, Chloe, Nadia, Kim, Dahlia, Sabrina, Parissa, Gemma, Cala (11/3),Maddie, (11/3),Kirsty
SATURDAY Roxanna, Belle, Kirsty, Elizabeth, Serena, Alyssia, Michelle, Monique, Gemma, (11/3),Blake, (11/3),Tina, Yana
SUNDAY Victoria, Ella, Roxanna, Claire, (11/3),Melina, Kim, Elizabeth, Angel, Tina

Week beginning: Monday 1st May

MONDAY Tina, Blake, Elizabeth, Carla, Kirsty, Michelle, Genevieve, Sabrina, (11/3),Alana
TUESDAY Lilly, Roxanna, Nadia, Veronica, Valentina, (11/3),Chanelle, Belle, Serena, Kim, Charlotte, *RTN*,Gemma, Melina, Summer
WEDNESDAY Kaya, Adrienne, Angel, Kim, Nadia, Ruby, Alyssia, Dahlia, Genevieve, Summer
THURSDAY Tina, Ella, Lottie, Angel, Michaela, Roxanna, Kim, Elizabeth, Blake, Serena, Maddie, (11/3),Carla, Charlotte, Kirsty, Michelle
FRIDAY Claire, Belle, Kim, Yana, Nadia, Ruby, Danielle, Dahlia, Maddie, (11/3),Amira, Carla, (11/3),Gemma, Summer, Genevieve, Sophia
SATURDAY Angel, Yana, Tina, Monique, Roxanna, Michaela, Elizabeth, Ruby, Blake, (11/3),Serena, Alyssia, Kirsty, Michelle, Alana
SUNDAY Roxanna, Ella, Claire, Tina, Chloe, Kim, Elizabeth, Dahlia, Melina, Monique, (11/3),Genevieve